Children of the Black Circus
In the small town of Shaville, Kentucky, a rash of missing people and dead bodies have been turning up throughout the town. With no leads and more bodies being discovered, New York City detective John Richards is called in to help local officials find who's behind the murders. But When 4 teenagers, Marvin, Dez, Louis, and Kit, are attacked by one of "the children", and must dispose of the body after killing it. They leave a trail of blood behind, that sends Richards, and Shaville detective Derek Rielon, on a journey that will lead them to discover what the Black Circus really is.

Children of the Black Circus graphic novel 
A 93 page graphic novel has been completed of the above story outline. As of 2016, a reworking of the above story began. This is do to this reworking of the story possibly being published via a publisher. Because the details on the new direction are still being worked out, the above version of the story has not been released. 

Some pages that should turn up in the new story can be read in sequential order

Children of the Black Circus Chapter 2 preview
Self-published minicomic.
Out of print.

Children of the Black Circus Chapter 1/issue # 1
Self-published comic book.
Out of Print.

Read the entire story here for free:

The Cerebrum
A one page comic I did for The Tortured Page Exhibit and Catalog. Published by E.T. Press .This is the full page. Do to an error on my end of the file submitted, some of the lower part of the page got cut off. Here's the entire page.

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